Jewelry Care

All Chrysoula Sofou jewels are gold and/or rhodium plated.  The process of plating includes covering the surface of the metal with a very thin layer of a more noble metal, through electrolysis. Rhodium plating protects silver from quick tarnishing and gold plating gives a very warm and charming result on all silver jewelry.  Eventually, due to a number of causes related to the chemical structure of metals, the plated surface is expected to wear off, revealing the silver beneath.  If the Buyer takes good care of the product, this process can be delayed but, unfortunately, not prevented.

In order to delay the discoloration of the plating, the Buyer should prevent any kind of contact with household bleach or cleaning products, which will quickly cause silver to tarnish, plating to discolor and possibly harm the gemstones.  Moreover, the Buyer should protect jewelry from coming into contact with hair spray, deodorants, face and body cream and perfumes.  Ιt is strongly advisable not to wear them when swimming or bathing.  To minimize the wear of plating, the buyer should also avoid contact with coarse surfaces.  When jewelry is not worn, it should be stored in a dry, airtight box, trying to avoid from touching the one to the other, in order to prevent scratching.  

Chrysoula Sofou will refresh your jewelry, when needed.   In that case, photos of them need to be sent and soon the Buyer we will be informed about the price and the time needed.

For further information, please contact Chrysoula Sofou at via e-mail.


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